Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My boys

There are just some times when I really really miss my 2 boys.  Today is just one of those days.

 One is away at college

One is in the Marines

They are so different from each other
but they each have such great qualities that this Mom LOVES.

Inner Strength
Good morals
Handsome (oh yes, very handsome!)

A list that could go on and on....

Love you both!

( daughter will get equal time soon : )


Monday, August 23, 2010


It was a glorious 7 days at the beach last week.

The clouds over Neahkanie mountain would change every 5 minutes.


We took a new path to the ocean, here at the south end of Manzanita.


We planted crocosmias.  Couldn't have done it without Lucy's help : ) 
 You don't need a shovel when she's around!


Had our picnic at Arcadia park, not far from Arch Cape.


There were breathtaking sunsets......

(I'm really the one that took those pictures!!  I'm amazed how great they turned out!)

How can you not believe that an awesome God created all of this??


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do you ever get that "funny" look?

I loooove mirrors!  Especially old, chippy, slightly faded, odd shaped ones.

I hate looking in them though: )

They always sell really well, they add a great dimension to your space, and I can usually find them pretty inexpensively.

I found ALL of these at one estate sale a couple of weekends ago.  But I got those "funny" looks from people that day.....

They're thinking....
"Why would she buy something like that?"
"It has all those silvery marks on it, it's not even a good mirror."
"Why in the world would someone need so many mirrors?"
"The back is broken off, it's no good anymore."

That's OK, it leaves more for me to buy!!

Happy Wednesday!  ~Kay

Monday, August 9, 2010


Sigh.....there's just not many things better than finding really great treasures. Things that, in my eye anyway!, are just beautiful, whimsical, one-of-a-kind, well loved goodies. Just makes me smile looking at them.  My inner voice is saying "I really want that".....

I'm just so glad I found some things that aren't "big".  It's no exaggeration that our shop next to our house is jam packed/overflowing/stuffed to the brim with (as some people would say) junk. 

 But it's all good junk......really.

  For a long time, I would buy fixer uppers.  I'm cheap : )  And those ones that I bought when Steve and I first started doing this 6 years ago are still sitting in that shop,
waiting to be sanded, painted, fixed, cleaned, adjusted, embellished.....

And, of course, they're all BIG. Bummer.  But I just can't let go of them. (I know, get over it!)

But I have to say I DO plan on selling them all.  I'm not a pack rat. A bit disorganized and messy maybe.  With a longer "to-do" list than the average person.

But that's all beside the point!

I wanted to share what cool things I found at a few estate sales and at the Brownsville Antique Fair this weekend.

(The very top picture has some great 40's majorette batons! a graniteware "nursing " cup (gotta look that one up!), and the best wicker sewing cabinet)
I've been drawn to all kinds of chalkware lately!


I love these candlesticks!  From Portugal.  And a fantastic flow blue platter


A great metal basket, the best vintage purse with a beautiful long silver clasp, a metal "note" pad cover, and
the prettiest purple transferware plate.

Love these old breadboxes, classic pink and black!

Oh, my favorite.  It's a tea box (apparently!).  A papered outside with a metal inside.  Nice and big.  Something really great to save for Farm Chicks next year!

Thanks for reading this loooong post!  ~Kay

Friday, August 6, 2010

Did you see it??

OH WOW.....
I got up early to get organized to hit some estate sales. 

This is what was outside our front door....

Oh what a glorious way to start the day!!

Have a good one! ~Kay